Friday, September 17, 2010

Field trips?

Hooray for ornithology!

now it's time for some sweet ass bird pictures/videos

apparently i'm too stupid to figure out how to connect videos directly..  my middle school self is turning over in his (my?) grave.
harpy eagle + sloth = lulz
the infamous bald eagle vs goat video

uh, i quit. 

If you want to see some cool shit: ospreys, harpy eagles, great blue herons, and any passerine bird.  Like that last one?  Get it?  I made a funny because passerine birds are fucking everywhere!  Stupid passerines.  At least I didn't say shorebirds.  man those are awful.  awful awful awful. 

shorebirds = the worst. 

you heard it here first.

Philly half/full this weekend!

Man it's going to be fast!

There are some big names running too: Flanagan, Ryan Hall (wow), Bairu (or mini-meb, as he's now apparently called), and Kim Smith.  That's going to be nuts. 
full synopses chicks and dudes.

NYC marathon is going to be better though: GEB GEB GEB!!!  I have the chance to see one of the greatest distance runners of all time race!  And seeing Ritz is going to be pretty cool.  Either way, the marathon majors season has begun!


...and the office season 6 premier!


I should be running right now.  Blech.  I'm not, needless to say.

let's look at what I was doing two years ago today:

Monday, September 15, 20082.50:17:407:0475B+  7around.  It was fucking hot.  I was dripping within maybe 5 minutes.
Tuesday, September   16, 20087.50:55:487:2658C-  912's at the wetlands.  I hit 4:14, :24, :28.  I threw up 3-4x.  This fucking blew.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 0:45:00      7Aqua jogging
Thursday, September 18, 20087.00:53:117:3665B-  630 minutes, 4,3,2,1, 15 minutes.  The track stuff felt fast, but it was (~80's), so it's okay.
Friday, September 19, 20084.00:33:008:1555C-  6Easy morning run
Saturday, September 20, 20087.01:00:008:3455C-  6I was a bitch.  I ran 11:15 for two.  Wow.
Sunday, September
21, 20088.51:01:347:1576B+36.55:26:139Super-stringtown.  Started off slow, picked it up a lot.  I felt a lot better than I have.  HOORAY!

Oooh that formatting didn't transfer.  The point is: man I used to be fit.  not anymore.  I guess life takes a different direction huh?


Look out world.  The lizard of terror has the internet.

ps.  sweet pictures huh?

oh that panda looks jolly!